Adults need baby sleep

Everyone has seen this scenario:
A child is upset, grumpy, and maybe even crying as their parents are trying to run around and get things done. 
The kid needs a nap or didn’t get enough sleep for the day.

Sounds Familiar? As adults we do not get enough sleep.

Growing up, my parents were very strict about my sister and I’s sleep. We had to have at least 10 hours of rest as kids or we were very grouchy. When I entered high school, My parents only enforced 8 hours unless I procrastinated on a project that had to be done the next day. 😀 By the time I got my junior year of college, I maybe got 7 hours of sleep if I was lucky. I didn’t know how to balance time to sleep with all the work I that had to be done.

I didn’t have mom or dad telling me to go to bed.  What? I have to manage myself? pssh.

Through the fours years of college, I realized that I did not dedicate enough time for me and sleep. If I had gotten just 2 more hours of sleep a day in school, I bet I would have made better grades and been a bit happier.

Lately I have been watching TED Talks, looking for motivation and inspiration. I  soon came across Arianna Huffington, the Co-founder and Chief Editor of the Huffington Post . Her talk was about getting a “good nights rest.” (click here for the short talk) Arianna’s idea is that if you get 7-9 hours of sleep a day, you will open your mind and life to bigger possibilities.
When I listened to her speech, I fully agreed. I have been getting 8-10 hours of sleep almost everyday the past 10 months and it has certainly changed many things. I didn’t even realize how much sleep affects me until this past Saturday.


I had packed myself a FULL day starting at 8am. I didn’t get to bed til 2:30am that morning, had a  9:00am meeting, work, and two dance demos that day. I flew out the door without breakfast and had lots of caffeine. By the time 10:30 came around, I was a mess. Called my Dad and just poured out all my frustrations and worries to him. I felt scrabbled. He told me I needed more sleep today. Opps! The rest of the day was ok. I could have gotten much more work done, however I was distracted, tired, and unfocused. I left rushing to the first dance demo. As I got there, I had left items that I forgot to pack this morning. The last demo wasn’t my best performance but I got through. I could have been much more productive and happier with 2 more hours of sleep.


Today, I slept in, made biscuits and had lunch with friends. I took a walk,  drove home, then had a nap in my car with NPR radio. Nothing like zero distractions. I know understand why my Mom would come home and nap in the car for 30 minutes before entering the chaotic household.


I need my baby sleep, ALL adults need baby sleep. Our bodies and mind function on a higher level when we take the time to sleep.