Pinups that make you go “OOooOOooOO!”

Many of my friends have seen these fabulous pictures, but not many know the story.

I was searching for a new Lindy hop dance event to attend back in December and I came across Heartland Swing Festival. The event showed potential then I read that the event was hosting a pinup contest. “I can do this!” I thought and immediately emailed the organizers about the requirements Great! Now I need tools.


  • Vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes – All from my collection or items I have designed & made.
  • Camera & Flash- Nikon thanks to Alan and Terrace!
  • Photographer & Graphics- Nick Weinmiller a Motion Graphic designer with a critical eye
  • Hair & Makeup – Me!
  • Talent- Me!
  • Lights- Sun lamps
  • Props – either mine or made by Nick
  • Fan!

Nick and I were extremely inspired by Gil Elvgren. We went through hundreds of paintings, and narrowed down to 20, then 10, then our top 5 that would be good for the pinup contest. We used these pictures as our template and then added our own flavor.

Day of Shoot

Nick and I took a Sunday and shot for about 6-8 hours. We had 5 different looks, Carnival Prize, House of Fun, Hitchhiker, Elevator Jam, and Tailwind (will debut soon!). I picked out all the outfits while Nick viewed the pictures and to give direction during the shoot. I must say, working with Nick was efficient and fun! We are both analytical when it comes to making the picture look perfect.

Post Production
Thanks to the Snow Apocalypse week in Atlanta, Nick had some free time to bring these pictures alive! Nick worked his magic (really he just has some bad-ass skills) and created a watercolor effect as if it was painted! Nick spent about 10-14 hours only four photos, but look how great they turned out!

"Hitchhiker" - Wardrobe, Makeup, & Hair Stylist

"Glamourous at the Funhouse" - Wardrobe, Makeup, & Hair Stylist

"Carnival Prize" - Design & Created for Formal Wear

"Elevator Jam" -Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup Stylist


My pictures were voted online. There were over 2000 votes that came in and I won online votes by a landslide! I didn’t get crowned as Miss Heartland Swing, however this project was worth it.

I love doing this! I had such a great time with this project. Nick and I have been thinking about doing a Calendar for the Atlanta Swing Dance Community! If you are interested just shoot me an email.

I will keep you updated! I have one more pinup picture to finish this collection. Next up: Lantern Fashion! – Can you guess the inspiration?