Green Lantern Fashion

A Tribute to my parents for introducing me to comics like Superman, X-Men, and of course the Green Lantern.

I was inspired by the idea that women are like these Green Lantern guardians, having to have a strong will power to juggle many roles in life while magically since beauty about them.

I had some amazing help for this project. I did the styling, hair, & makeup for the shoot with Stephanie Ludwig as my partner in crime! Also, Jason Maris as photographer  and Tony Emmons as comic guru. All were so great to work with.

Here are three gorgeous ladies Sarah Blackman. Davina Masiacryk, and Shane Smith representing Green Lanterns through time with style.

Green Lantern circa 1940's

Green Lantern circa 1960's

Green Lantern circa 2020's

For those who are unfamiliar with the Green Lantern:

“Green Lanterns originate from a distant planet named Oa. On this planet is a race of beings known as the Guardians of the Universe. A highly intelligent and powerful race, these creatures wanted to help bring order and justice to the universe.To do so, they created an energy source known as the Central Battery, an energy source comprised solely of willpower alone. The Guardians also created a device called a Power Ring, which could tap into the power of the Central Battery if the user had sufficient willpower.” – Aaron Albert
 We has some fun beating up the bad guy!


Jason Maris – Photography
Tony Emmons – Comic Guru
Stephanie Ludwig – Styling Assistant Extraordinaire
Nick Weinmiller – Post Production Advisor
Sarah Blackman – Talent 1940’s
Davina Masiacryk – Talent 2020’s
Shane Smith – Talent 1960’s