Men’s accessories on Etsy

Here are some great accessories I have found! You can find any of these stores on Etsy.

Tux & Tulle- Custom & Awesome

Cotton and Fun!

Liberty of London Bow Ties

Grey Scale Ties

Seersucker in all Colors

BeauxRegard – Handmade from Vintage Fabrics

Striped Bow Tie

Bold Silk Bow Tie

Plaid Silk Bow Tie

CustomFalaviaDesigns- OTIS Bow Ties

Grey Ultra Suede Bow Tie

Triple Bow Tie effect

Comic Firefly – Steampunk Style

Gun Cuff Links

Victorian Zombie Cuff Links

Cigarette Case

JoannaBizu – Classy

Fabric Covered Cuff Links

Mental Embellisher -Vintage & Steampunk

Type Writer Cufflinks

Type Writer Cufflinks "Play & Act"

EstateChicago- Classy

Swank Vintage Cufflinks

Emmetswyfe- Vintage

Vintage Handkerchiefs