AVS Class Recap – Vintage Makeup & Quick Hair Style

I got the privilege to teach at Atlanta Varsity Showdown the this year! It was a super awesome weekend and I got to debut two new lecture classes.  For those who attended and those who missed out her is the recap!

Vintage Makeup:

Key Notes for 1920’s Night Look

  • Colors: Black, Brown, Skin tone, white

  • Eyebrow: Long, Dark & thin

  • Lips: Dark purples & reds

  • Blend! Having the right brush is important

  • Watch Helena. Perfect video for this look

1920's Night Look

1920's Night Look Close Up

Key Notes for 1940’s Pinup Look

Colors: Black, Brown, Skin tone, white, Pink

  • Eyebrow: Dramatic, thick, match color with hair

  • Lips: Bright Reds or Pinks

  • Blend! Having the right brush is important

  • Eyeliner with wings!

1940's Pinup Look


1940's Pinup Look Close Up

Vintage Inspired Hair tricks:

Key Notes for Hair

Supplies: Bobby Pins , Mousse or pomade, Hairspray, Flower of choice!

  • Twist and Push: Take a portion of hair- Twist and push to create volume

  • Pin Curl: Use mousse or pomade to smooth ends and create a sturdy curl then roll

  • Bobby Pins: Try to hide them, always cross if pinning a lot of hair

  • Watch my overview of the AVS Class and make your hair look great!