“We’ve hired Morgan Kestner on multiple projects over the past two years, both as a costume-maker and as a performer.  Her sunny, can-do attitude and tireless determination make her a joy to work with in every department.  She’s hungry to learn and try new things.  She wins new fans from every performance and makes new friends from every collaboration.  The guys in the band have a huge crush on her and you will, too!”
~Shannon Newton
Director, Dames Aflame and Co-owner of Kingsized Entertainment, LLC

“Morgan is that rarest of combinations – a natural dancer AND a hard worker! Any project she begins I know will be seen through with gusto; her drive for perfection and the boundless energy of her personality infuse all that she does. Watch out for her!”
-Michael Gamble
Organizer, DJ, & Dance Instructor

“If I had to describe Morgan in three words they would be creative, happy, and dedicated. Specific to costume design, she helped me bring to life a vision that truly made the most time-consuming and expensive routine I have ever put together worth every second and every penny.”
~Andrew Thigpen
Dancer/Management Executive for Accenture

“I trust Morgan to initiate the process of preparing my subjects & organizing the workspace we are in so that our subject is set ready as quickly as possible.Further- on set she follows direction to maintain the talent to produce the desired result for the client and has shown me that she knows proper protocol.”
~Fawn Ortega
Makeup, Hair, & Styling

“Whether she’s dancing solo or with a team, burlesque or swing: it’s impossible to look away when Morgan is performing. Morgan brings an energy to her performances which she infuses into the crowd — as if the highlight of her life is those few minutes in front, and she wants you to enjoy it as much as she does.”
~Cari Westbrook
Atlanta Lindy Hop Dancer

“Morgan Kestner is brilliant, in every way possible. She is a shining performer, an exuberant dancer, and an innovative designer. She brings her unique point of view to everything she does, and the result is sheer brilliance. Anything you need done, Morgan can do it, and she will do her absolute best.”
~Breanna Perry
Organizer, DJ, and Dancer