AVS Class Recap – Vintage Makeup & Quick Hair Style

I got the privilege to teach at Atlanta Varsity Showdown the this year! It was a super awesome weekend and I got to debut two new lecture classes.  For those who attended and… Continue reading

Men’s accessories on Etsy

Here are some great accessories I have found! You can find any of these stores on Etsy. Tux & Tulle- Custom & Awesome BeauxRegard – Handmade from Vintage Fabrics CustomFalaviaDesigns- OTIS Bow Ties Comic… Continue reading

Green Lantern Fashion

A Tribute to my parents for introducing me to comics like Superman, X-Men, and of course the Green Lantern. I was inspired by the idea that women are like these Green Lantern guardians,… Continue reading

My first Interview!

Hey there! I wanted to share this awesome link! Belinda writes Never Worked a Day. It is a series of interviews about people who are working, or are working towards, their dream jobs.… Continue reading

Suits that make you look goOoOood.

Having a suit is a key item in a man’s wardrobe. Something that you spend a bit extra for to get the right fit. Here is are some of my favorites off the… Continue reading

Pinups that make you go “OOooOOooOO!”

Many of my friends have seen these fabulous pictures, but not many know the story. Inspiration I was searching for a new Lindy hop dance event to attend back in December and I… Continue reading

Adults need baby sleep

Everyone has seen this scenario: A child is upset, grumpy, and maybe even crying as their parents are trying to run around and get things done.  The kid needs a nap or didn’t… Continue reading

Heartland Swing Festival: My Midwest Home

I embarked to a new place, Des Moines Iowa! My Purpose: attend Heartland Swing Festival as a finalist for Miss Heartland Swing. In all honestly, I was quite nervous leaving my southeast comfort… Continue reading