“I just can’t fake a smile!”

Written by Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, this is one song that best describes me. I first fell in love with dancing when my grandma introduced me to a classic ragtime called “Charleston” at age 6. The moment I pushed play, I  found myself jumping to the rhythm, then proceeded to dance on the coffee table as if it was my very own stage. In high school, I joined color guard to fuel the need of wanting to dance in front of others.

Once in college, I became apart of the MTSU Swing Dance Club, attending every class and soon becoming an officer and one of the main teachers for the club. I got the privilege to go to out-of-town events with the dance club and grew to love the “Lindy Hop” world. Now, I work closely with Atlanta Jazz Preservation Society (AJPS) and Atlanta Swing Era  Dance Association (ASEDA) teaching workshops, help organizing events, and choreography for shows. Most recent work I have done is being a featured dancer on Vampire Diaries as well as a performer, choreographer, and costume designer for Jubilee Jazz Dance Revival.

Apart from traveling and performing at Lindy Hop events, I dance with Dames Aflame Burlesque and Davina and the Harlots Cabaret Troupe. There is never a day that dancing is not in my agenda!